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Supporting Scottish craftsmanship is a cornerstone of the work of Vixy Rae, who has recently taken the reins at  kilts for sale Stewart Christie & Co., Scotland’s oldest bespoke tailor founded in 1804. Rae began her career in street wear, running stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow before taking on the design and tailoring for emerging label, Walker Slater, which, at the time, was catapulting tweed into mainstream fashion. “Although my creative urges were fulfilled, I never felt wholly comfortable with the fact that the production and tweed was increasingly taken away from the UK,” she says. “The trend was for growing companies to look abroad to cut costs without looking at the long term effects on local manufacturing and craftsmanship.”

It was with this renewed focus on heritage that Rae and her business partner, Daniel Fearn, heard Stewart Christie & Co. was coming up for sale. “Thankfully for us, more and more discerning customers and tourists do seek something that is actually created here—is authentic and rich in heritage.”

Kristie De Garis/Courtesy of Vixy Rae

Kristie De Garis/Courtesy of Vixy Rae

Rae and Fearn are gradually refitting the shop in Edinburgh’s New Town and will soon launch the label’s first ever womenswear collection. A dedicated women’s floor will be completed in August 2016. “It has been a very masculine-feeling shop, but that will soon be changing!” says Rae. “After 300 years, I think it is about time ladies had somewhere they could come and explore possibilities rather than being sold something disposable. For too long men have had exclusivity over quality fabrics and fine tailoring techniques.” For inspiration, Rae says she has been looking back at women’s tailoring from the ’50s, “exploring form to give tailoring elegant and sexual lines, giving definition to the waist and hips for a more feminine shape while retaining a certain amount of structure.”

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