In Vogue Mens Islamic Jewellery


Gold and silver adornments are significantly popular in Muslim culture; traditional Islamic Jewellery is worn in almost every Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, and Pakistan.

Elaborate latticed pattern with suggestions of minarets and domes is a typical reflection of Arabic designs. Despite keeping up with modern times, conventional designs are still inherent in Islamic jewellery.

Muslim Wedding

Any Muslim wedding is a galore for the display of bedazzling gold ornaments. Women cover themselves from head to toe with conservative as well as contemporary samples of Islamic jewellery.

Gold Necklaces

Heavy gold bangles, solid gold necklaces and dangling earrings, set with or without gems, typically conform to Islamic jewellery. With changing times, now silver, platinum and palladium articles are also in vogue. Anklets made with any of these expensive elements are considered a worthy addition.

Treasure of Islamic Jewellery

A Muslim bride’s trousseau is incomplete without a measure of her personal treasure of Islamic jewellery. Depending on her status in the society, gold, silver or platinum ornaments will complete her possessions. From her very birth, an infant girl starts receiving gifts of various articles of gold or silver.

Her very first gift can be in the form of an ‘Allah’ pendant, with Allah written elaborately and beautifully. To further enhance its beauty it can be embedded with gems of the most precious kind.

Tiny gold or silver bangles, sometimes decorated with bells, make a charming present for the young one. Another suitable gift for the infant is its own name pendant, again set in the most exotic of patterns.

Muslim Mens

As Muslim males are forbidden from wearing gold, they prefer to adorn their fingers with silver rings that are embedded with valuable gems of their own choice. They also favour silver bracelets that have Arabic inscriptions or their own names carved on them. ‘Allah’ pendants, made from silver, are equally popular with males.

Silver cufflinks and tie pins with Arabic engravings can be added to their collection by Muslim brothers. These items, a more modern aspect of Islamic jewellery, meet the needs of contemporary men; they can be worn to official gatherings as well as to formal occasions that are of a personal nature.

Inscription of ayat al kursi pendantis also seen on various articles of Islamic jewellery; it is engraved on pendants and bracelets of gold, silver and platinum. Men and women from every strata of life wear them alike with a firm belief of seeking Allah’s protection from all harms.

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