Highlights of manhole covers prevent odor now

Manhole covers are products used to cover drains. Products to ensure safety for passersby and vehicles. At the same time helps prevent odors, bacteria, easy to clean garbage. So all kinds of manhole covers are now used a lot to ensure environmental sanitation.


Highlights of manhole covers prevent odor now


Structure and operating principle of manhole cover prevents odor

Manhole covers are no longer radioactive for our lives. Because the product is used more on roads, transport works, households báo giá nắp hố ga composite, … Nowadays, people have improved more, using manhole covers to prevent odors to help the living environment more hygienic. Ensuring no pollution, affecting human health.


Structure of grasping manhole to prevent odor

The manhole covers which are capable of preventing odors are created from surface water collection holes, odor control systems, cast iron net. Products include size water collection pits, two size blocking gates. Thanks to this structure, the product is able to cover manholes and prevent odors effectively. Products made from cast iron should be durable, withstand large loads.


Working Principle

Manhole covers are able to prevent odor from raining, water appears on the road surface. At this time, the water will be collected into the surface water collection pit. Next, the water flows into two PVC pipes and flows to the next intake hole. In this pit water flows through a smaller area and then into the tank under the collecting pit.


The water level in the pit will increase to 600ml this time it will flow into a manhole on the road. When the amount of water flowing into the collecting pit reduces the water level will fall below 60mm. The amount of water each time it rains will evaporate within 7 months.


Advantages of manhole covers prevent odor

Manhole cover with anti-odor effect brings many outstanding advantages. Products are a great choice for today’s modern life. Manhole covers help prevent odors with the following advantages:


Prevent odor from rising effectively


The existing manhole system is old and degraded. So the smell in the dry season is common. This affects the lives of people around them. From there, it affects the health and pollutes the surrounding environment. Using the manhole cover system prevents odors.


Easy to install and operate

The manhole cover with odor prevention is simple to design. The product is lightweight, easy to install and install. The construction only takes a few hours, saving time and labor costs. Especially, do not obstruct traffic on the road.


Good drainage in the rainy season

This manhole cover system provides good drainage benefits during the rainy season. This is a prominent feature that helps to minimize urban flooding. Because we know that the inundation period after flooding is increasing. This seriously affects the lives of people around. When installing the odor control system, the drainage is better.


Favorable for maintenance switch

Thanks to the manhole cover system with the ability to prevent odors and better maintenance of the sewer system. Thereby ensuring the product works well in all different weather conditions. Products also help perfect the urban beauty. Improve urban areas to help the environment stay green and clean.


Through the information on the manhole cover above you can see this is a product with many benefits. The product is especially suitable for today’s life and environment.

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