Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Weight Lifting Gloves

The issue of using weight lifting gloves in the gym is hotly debated: while some think that it is an indispensable part of fitness equipment and can’t even imagine to lift without putting on their favorite pair of gloves, the other feel exactly the opposite.

In any case, when you pay a visit to just about any gym, you are bound to see many men and women who lift weights – gym rats and amateurs alike – wearing these gloves  weight lifting gloves. The answer on whether to wear weight lifting gloves or not is – like so many other currently open questions considering personal fitness – personal. It’s up to you to decide do you really need a pair or not!

There are many hard to dismiss advantages of wearing weight lifting gloves. For starters, they increase your grip strength. Wearing a good pair will help you lift more weight because of your improved grip – without a good grip on a bar, you will not be able to lift as much as you could with a better grip. When you wear these gloves, it is much easier to hold dumbbells and barbells while performing your exercises. A better grip means less possibility for weights to slip free and injure you.

They prevent blisters from forming on your hands as the result of those dumbbell and barbell exercises, since they reduce the friction. To keep your hands free of calluses, you will want to wear weight lifting gloves!

The models which wrap around your wrists provide additional wrist support you need during heavy lifting.

However, although there are indubitable benefits of using weight lifting gloves, they still come with one serious drawback: wearing them, they say, actually dampers real gains in your grip strength. The main advantage of weight lifting gloves is also their greatest weakness! They are so good, that they do all the work for you – instead of you.

In other words, they provide you with a false sense of grip strength. In real life situations, you will have to rely on your bare hands, because you probably will not be wearing your weight lifting gloves when needing to employ your real grip strength while hanging off a cliff – or some other less dramatic situation – but nonetheless requiring real grip strength. That is why some think that it is better not to wear weight lifting gloves, but rather work on really strengthening your grip.

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