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The ConvertIDor

The ConvertIDor is a new way of converting numbers into standard currency. You can set the unit and then convert it in real time. As you can imagine, this is quite useful for people who live on islands, as they need to be able to know how much the dollar is worth in their local […]

How to Pick Lottery Winning Numbers

Some people say that picking lottery numbers is a game of chance and the result is completely random, others think that there is a pattern. The bare truth of it is that lottery numbers are random, and there is nothing that anyone can do (apart from rigging a draw!) that can guarantee that a certain […]

Bitcoin Thrives Against All Odds

Since it’s currently en vogue right now, 코인월드 I’d like to announce that I’m launching my own cryptocurrency next week. Let’s call it “kingcoin.” Nah, that’s too self-serving. How about “muttcoin”? I’ve always had a soft spot for mixed breeds. Yeah, that’s perfect – everybody loves dogs. This is going to be the biggest thing […]

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