Celtic Jewelry Rings – The Meaning of the Three Most Popular Symbols

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect present. Most people will wear jewelry for two reasons, either as a fashion accessory or because it means something to them.ジュエリー If you want to make sure that your gift does not go out of fashion and end up in the bottom of a jewelry box then you need to make sure by buy something with meaning.

Before you can buy with meaning you will need to understand what the different symbols represent.

Celtic jewelry makes the perfect gift as it is striking to look at, while being full of symbolism and intrigue.

In Celtic jewelry rings there are three main elements you will find, either on their own, or more intricately combined together.

Here is a brief guide to their meaning.

1. The Claddagh. This is two hands holding a heart and the heart wears a crown. The Claddagh is popular around the world because of the story behind the first ever Claddagh ring. In brief an Irish man called Robert Joyce was sold to a Moorish goldsmith. This goldsmith taught him is trade and when the slaves were given freedom in 1689 Robert return to his home in Ireland where his sweetheart had waited for him. He presented her with a ring which depicted the hands of friendship, the love they shared and the loyalty they had to their love. It is this story which so many people want to share with their loved ones.

2. The Trinity. This is from the time of the early Christians. The three elements represent the father, son and holy ghost. If there is a circle around the centre of the design it is the love which god shares with us. The shape of the three elements is similar to the fish which the early Christians would used as a sign of their beliefs.

3. The Spirals. These are usually found in single, doubles or triples. They have a pre-Christian meaning. The single represents the sun, and the double spiral represents day and night. The triple has two possible meanings. It is either the three stages of the moon; waxing, waning and full moon, or the cycle of womanhood; maiden, mother and crone.

Of course you can always choose your Celtic jewelry rings because you like the way they look.


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