Good Benefits of Voodoo


This article briefly discusses some of the good benefits of voodoo. As we know, the practice of voodoo actually began in Africa. This spiritual tradition highly emphasizes on personal spiritual harmony with the dive, the one God, Bondieu. Since men can directly communicate with Bondieu, they contact the loa ‘spirits’ pleas who interact with men as well as Bondieu. Its, like all other religious tradition, also bestows certain benefits to its practitioners which include participation in the cultural heritage, community involvement, spiritual growth as well as mental and physical health.

It became widely spread in 1800s in USA and New Orleans. The original practitioners, the West African slaves bought it over the Caribbean islands. As slaves’ owners repressed their native beliefs as well as oppressed them, voudon went underground, taking on aspects of Roman Catholicism; the slaves were baptized in upon their arrival. The values of it enclose the ideas of honor as well as respect to God, to family, to society and to self, becoming the glue that held the community together.

As in all religions, the practitioners come together for celebrating, worshiping as well as taking part in rituals. Since, it has been oppressed throughout the years, the loyalty to the religion as well as to each other grew among devotees. The practitioners of spell maintained their sense of community as well as heritage through it all, which hides and disguises when necessary. In the place like Haiti, it is quite common to find people who are devoted believers in voodoo and Roman Catholicism.

As we know, all the religions provide you with a pathway to spiritual growth, a way for developing harmony with the divine and in the personal life of the believer. During some rituals of voodoo, it happens that a believer become possessed by one of the loa spirit, as the loa has selected the person, the possession is being considered as a blessing as well as a gift of God. good voodoo spellsĀ 
Apart from this, the initiate, may also become a priest or priestess and grow spiritually via the practices of priesthood. The primary purpose of this practice is harmony with the divine, spiritual growth develops as greater harmony results in the personal life of the believer.

One of the other benefits of religious practices or love spell as discovered by several physicians and researchers is stronger mental as well as physical health. Getting together with others to take part in rituals can be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety of a person. Besides, reaching out as well as helping others diminish and relieve depression. As a matter of fact, those people who have stronger beliefs in religion live longer as well as recover better from operations, according to Psychology today.

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