Increase Your Lottery Winning Chances Greatly at No Extra Cost

Having recently learned that you can increase your prize amount winnings massively with no additional outlay when playing the United Kingdom Lotto. It is no secret and not many lottery players are aware of it. And you can play and purchase your tickets ket qua xo so from exactly the same lottery retailer.

As you will probably already know the chances and odds of winning the lottery are really low. Matching three numbers is not out of every body’s reach. But winning £10 pounds is hardly going to put a smile on your face. Did you know that by matching three numbers you can win nearly Five Hundred Pounds and is available to take away from any lottery ticket retailer upon exchange of your winning ticket. So how can this be done?

You need to purchase a Hot-picks Ticket from your lotto retailer. You choose the amount of numbers you want to match. You can play match one, through to match five. Then you need to select the numbers you want to be drawn, for example match three. In this example numbers 4,7, and 12 to be drawn in the weekly lotto draw. Now all you need to do is match all these numbers on the lotto draw and you will win almost £500 pounds. Be aware though, you will not win a prize for matching one or two numbers.

Hot-picks is very similar to the Irish lottery but the advantage of being able to purchase them from your local shop makes it much easier.

Here is a breakdown of the expected prize funds.

  • Match 5 of 5, to win the top prize of £130,000.
  • Match 4 of 4, to win £7,000.
  • Match 3 of 3, to win £450.
  • Match 2 of 2, to win £40.
  • Match 1 of 1, to win £5.

Prize funds over £500 can only be claimed directly from Camelot and i would take this into consideration when buying tickets.


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