Job Web Sites – Just One Piece of the Job Search Puzzle

Google the word “careers” or “jobs” and you’ll see just how many online job web sites there are. Some are niche sites that only have jobs in one job advertising site industry, such as accounting, or engineering, or law. Some are restricted to jobs in the United States and some have jobs located all over the world. Some are targeted at the $100k plus market and some are just for hourly jobs.

There’s no doubt that job web sites are a critical part of your arsenal when looking for a part time job or a full time career opportunity. But to get the most out of job web sites, make sure to take advantage of the many resources they offer, such as the ability to post your resume.

Why should you post your resume you ask? There’s something called the hidden job market. There are tons of jobs that are not advertised. This means you won’t see them on any job web sites. For this reason, it’s important to use job boards to promote yourself. One of the greatest ways for employers and recruiters to find you is by posting your resume so employers and recruiters can find you.

Given that there’s a thing called the hidden job market, you shouldn’t spend all of your time researching job web sites at the expense of the other things you must do to be successful at your job search. Here are some things you should focus on in addition to perusing job web sites:

1. Build relationships with local recruiters. Many recruiters don’t post jobs online. They often rely on their network for candidate referrals.

2. Network with your friends and former work colleagues. They may be aware of job opportunities at the companies they work for that may not be public knowledge. In addition, many companies offer their employees referral incentives for bringing in job candidates.

3. Use professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Keep your profile up to date and be proactive in soliciting new contacts to join your network.


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