Protect and Save Your Passport With Leather Passport Covers

You may ask yourself why does one need a leather passport cover? well let me first explain how I love going on holidays, travelling is how to get fake birth certificate in my blood, there is something about travelling to an new exotic, unknown chartered territory that simple excites my blood.

Due to the hectic nature of travelling and going through different customs and airport check outs, my passport simple gets damage. This means it costs either to fix the passport or obtain a replacement. To replace a passport can be a costly exercise as I found out many times, however the good news is this can be prevented by buying a passport leather cover.

Here is 3 good reasons why I think passport leather holders are the best and are a must buy for all who takes their travelling seriously.

  1. They just look exceptionally sexy, especially a gorgeous brown leather cover; you can even have your own designer passport leather cover with your name inscribed on the front or inscribe a short message. The leather cover really does say to someone that you are somebody,that you look after yourself and that your organised.
  2. A leather passport holder will last longer than a nylon passport cover, the durability out weighs the cost and due to the leather. It will be water proof, as-well as being strong enough to stop your passport being deface or bent.
  3. Many leather passport holders have other compartments nicely design inside the covers themselves which enables you to keep your id cards or credit cards in one place.


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