The Top 10 Zombie Movies of the Last 50 Years

Whether you are a new zombie fan yourself or simply trying to introduce someone to this genre, here are the ten best zombie movies of the last 50 years:

Night of the Living Dead: This is THE classic หนังเดอะร็อค zombie movie. Although it was made all the way back in 1968, it is still just as scary as it was when it shocked audiences during its initial run.

Dawn of the Dead: Released a decade after Night of the Living Dead, this 1978 horror flick will keep you and anyone else watching on the edge of your seats.

Dawn of the Dead (Remake): Although most remakes are nothing more than a big disappointment, this one manages to break that mold. Released two and a half decades after the original, the central setting of this 2004 flick is a mall. After you finish watching it, you will never be able to walk through a mall again without wondering how secure it would be in the event of a zombie takeover.

Shaun of the Dead: If you are a zombie fan who is more in the mood for laughs than scares, this 2004 zombie comedy will not disappoint you. Taking a page from slacker movies like Office Space, Shaun of the Dead takes a lovable underachiever and suddenly thrusts him into the role of the leader of a group who is trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. His solution? Get everyone to the safety of his favorite local pub!

28 Days Later: A lot of horror fans have been disappointed by the movies this genre has produced over the last decade. Fortunately, this 2002 movie is a bright spot among a lot of duds.

Day of the Dead: In 1985, George A. Romero once again demonstrated why he is the master of zombie movies. Although some people thought it would flop, this film grossed over $35 million.

REC: While it is probably the least well known movie on this list, this gritty and realistic 2007 movie will continue to send chills down your spine well after you have finished watching it.

Zombieland: If you want to watch a zombie flick that is full of lots of fun and action, this movie will be right up your alley. With an awesome cast that features Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, this 2009 zombie fest is packed with the type of flash and gore that all horror fans love.

The Evil Dead: This 1981 zombie movie is regarded by most fans as a classic. While it not only has lots of gore and plenty of suspense, one of the reasons The Evil Dead has so many rapid fans is because it also injects doses of comedy at the perfect moments.

Resident Evil: This 2002 thriller is another example of why the last decade has not been a complete bust for horror movies. While there were plenty of people who were skeptical that a video game could be turned into a great movie, Resident Evil proved it is possible when the right team is involved.


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