Yelp say they take a day off work to meet a technician to arrive between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m

Workaround: Call the company that sold or installed the appliance if it’s fairly new, or get a reputable independent repair place from friends or Checkbook.

3. Technician no-shows are a common complaint. Consumers  appliance repair center commenting on Google and Yelp say they take a day off work to meet a technician to arrive between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. but no one never calls or shows. Colleen Norenberg of Brooklyn Center reported having to wait another 10 days for a technician after the first one from Service Plus never showed.

Workaround: Ask for an ETA if available on the day of service or schedule an independent backup for a later day.

4. Pay attention to the list of what’s not covered by the contract as well as what is covered. Furnace heat exchangers, air conditioning compressors, refrigerators in garages, water/ice dispensers on refrigerators and ceramic or glass cooktops are rarely covered.

5. Got an older appliance? Service plans won’t repair it if parts aren’t available. Some consumers have been denied service because the part was not available from the original manufacturer, even if it is still available from other sources.

Workaround: Ask HomeSmart or Service Plus if they will reimburse you for the part you ordered and have it installed by their technician or consider a maintenance agreement with a reputable dealer that services your brand/model.

6. Verify at sign-up if your appliance brand and model is covered. Some brand names or models may not be covered such as Amana HTM or Lennox Complete Heat.

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